Well as it turns out it was a spam attack!

Guys I knew it was to good to be true, we where adding about 1 user an hr. but I noticed that no one was updating their password.  I sent out a few emails to some of the new users and they informed me that there email had been hacked and that they were getting registered to thousands of word press sites.  I thanked them and added a pug in that seems to have this under control now.

On a related note I have added an F.T.P. sever. And a very cool new case for the PI’s. I am also investigating up grading the solar plaint, so that I can run the switch, router & add an external hard drive. And truly be 100% solar powered.  After all if the switch and router are not solar powered can we truly be a solar powered web site?

We also added a “Contact us tab” as requested and we are working on getting a news letter up and running.

Best regards.



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