Well looks like we are up and running.

It was a hard fought battle but it looks like we have everything running. Now understand 10 days ago I had never heard of word-press so there is going to be a big learning curve.

And we are a little light on content but all this will come in time.

We now have a stable system with a backup.   Heck we even got a case for the Pi computer! That’s right no more Zip lock bag!

We are on our way!

Thank you everyone for your patience and understanding!

The sysop.

5 thoughts on “Well looks like we are up and running.”

  1. As a coder/tinkerer having worked on and coded arduino and set up a LAMP stack on a PC etc. myself I think this is REALY cool that you are hosting this with a LAMP stack on a PI! Not only that but powered solar!!!

    Congrats on getting it up and running!

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