J.B. Howell Farm Dell City TX. lot 109 5.73 ac.

If you have found this page you may also have a lot in the J.B. Howell farm sub division.

I have owned lot 109 for about ten years now, & I have never been to Dell city.

I purchased this lot before the crash thinking I would retire there,
after the crash I was able to afford a home in South Fl. so this just went by the way side.

My lot Backs to the old well site and has power on two sides. I would be willing to sell it or buy lot 108 or 117. Anyone with information regarding the J.B. Howell subdivision, i/e is anyone living out there or if anyone has current photos or any updated info, please contact me.

I know very little about it, I am curios and looking for some direction. It has long been paid off and the taxes are under $20.00 a year.

So do I keep it and do nothing? Join it to another lot & sell it?

My Lot is on the map marked with a red dot. As you can see it has road frontage on farm rd. 2249.

(sorry about the crude map, my scanner is down.)